Can't Subscribe to member-only podcast

Sometimes our secure system isn't able to communicate your username/password information via the RSS Feed.  In those cases, you'll find yourself not able to 'authenticate' the feed. 
When this happens you'll need to manually edit the protected RSS Feed with your username and password.  That will allow the systems to communicate.
Here's what you'll be doing -
We use your email address as the username and that pesky '@' symbol and the '.com' really throws things off.  So, you'll need to break things up and replace them with different characters.  As an example...
My email address is ''  That won't work so I'll make a few adjustments and it becomes...
support%40motivationtomove%2Ecom:INSERT YOUR
That's it.
Copy and paste that URL into the 'Subscribe to Podcast' box and you'll be good to go.
If you have difficulty, please don’t drive yourself crazy. Contact Customer Service.

We’ll get it figured it out and get you going. 

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